Conceptual solutions and design of seed center

As we have a huge experience in design of seed centers, as well as in production of equipment for processing of seed grains, we can offer every possible support and advices through consultations to our clients, regarding technology of seed processing, as well as technological path of goods, which gives a more economical, faster and shorter path from the beginning of the process to very end. Our experts and engineers will visit the construction site, after which, in consultation with the client, will approach to development of conceptual solution for technological path of goods, as well as a method of installation of the equipment itself. Conceptual solutions are such that, by installation of equipment for seed processing, provides to the client, the highest required capacity, with excellent quality of equipment, which at the same time provides the best processing of seed grains, and on the other hand, low cost of production and delivery, which is also contributed by the free trade agreement (there are no import-export taxes) between Russian Federation and Republic of Serbia. All above mentioned contribute to saving of material, as well as the fact that processed seed grains are competitive on the market. After agreement on the conceptual solution, the project is being developed, if necessary. The client is free to choose who will create the project. “Serbia Product” engineers can fully define equipment up to level of workshop documentation. In addition to documentation for production, we also offer a creation of complete following documentation such as technological lists, installation instructions, user and service manuals with illustrations, servicing and preventive maintenance. If a project is created by a foreign company, on client’s request, our engineers are familiar with the mechanical profession, and speak foreign languages, and can completely communicate with foreign partners, and together with them lead the projects.