RECEIVING HOPPER (walking floor) DKR-1.000

The receiving hopper (walking floor) is intended for unloading of unclean seed corn from a truck, or from a trailer, on side (exceptionally can be used for unloading from the end), and controlled dosing. Each receiving hopper consists of walking floor sections. Depending on required capacity the receiving hoppers can be produced with 3, 4 and 5 sections, exceptionally can be produced with 2 sections. Each section can be turned on or off separately, or they can operate simultaneously. The moving doors are placed on exit of each section, which prevent uncontrolled dosing of unclean seed corn on rubber conveyor belt. Drive of receiving hopper sections, as well as power transmission on working sections, is mechanical, which ensures reliable operation and long service life. Depending on the capacity of line, walking floors can be turned on separately or simultaneously so their unloading capacity can be increased up to 15 t/h. Installed power of one section is 6,6 kW.