Inspection table TG-1.000

Inspection table is specially designed for inspection of clean corn that are coming from the husking machine. It is served by workers which are separating atypical seed corn and inserting them into special boxes on the inspection table. Also, the unclean seed corn that accidentally arrives on the inspection table is separated into special basket, which is by means of conveyor belt transporting them back to seed corn husker for repeated cleaning. The speed of belt on inspection table is adjusted so that the workers can easily separate the mentioned corn cobs. For easier selection, the lights are placed on the table workspace and also an emergency steel cord for stopping the whole process, in the event of disaster or unforeseen circumstances. This emergency stop cord is located along the entire inspection table, and it is available to each worker serving the selection table. There are also example stand, containing atypical and diseased corn cob that has to be separated, so that the workers can distinguish between those. It is constructed in a straight form with a belt width 1000 mm, and a minimal length of 8000 mm. Installed power is 5,5 kW.